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Overview of the Course Format

Welcome to the Machinima Open Online Course!

Inworld meetings will begin inSecond Life 
Front Range

  • Monday June 4th
  • 6:00 PM SL time (PST)

Before logging on be sure to read about your machinima colleagues in theis course in the sign up section.  A variety of backgrounds and expertise is evident in this group so use the P2P site to begin to get to know participants in the course.  This site will serve to provide introductions.

This course is designed for people who want to learn more about Machinima production in virtual worlds and MMORPGs.

To give this course an objective - we are coordinating with the ISTE SIGVE Machinima Fest on June 26th.

You have several options in this course and level of activities. You can:

1) Be part of a team creating a Machinima for the ISTE SIGVE Machinima Fest

2) Create your own Machinima

3) Contribute Machinima to the ISTE SIGVE Machinima Fest

4) Help us recruit submissions for the ISTE SIGVE Machinima Fest

5) Help us do outreach for the ISTE SIGVE Machinima Fest and Machinima in general

6) or Lurk and Learn

This course and the activities involved in organizaing and publicizing the SIGVE EduMachinima Fest 2012 are designed for all levels of particpation.

We are using the matrix from Dr. Lisa Dawley's Social Network Knowledge Construction as the model for the course.

So feel free to participate at whichever level you want.

1) Identifying Network Opportunities

2) Lurking

3) Contributing

4) Creating

5) Leading

We understand that certain portions may be of more interest to you than others, so please feel free to vary your participation. It is also totally acceptable to start during Week 2, help us with the Machinima promotion and outreach portion only or just lurk! That's what an open course is - open! Your faciliators are passionate about Machinima, open learning, virtual worlds and games in education. The purpose of this MOOC is to share and collaborate openly in a non-institutional fashion.

Task Discussion