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Synchronous Meetings and Schedule

Please check in the tasks for each week's full schedule. This is only a listing of synchronous meetings. Thanks!

Course will start on June 4, 2012 

All meetings unless otherwise noted will start at 6 pm SLT/PST

Monday June 4

Introduction to the Machinima Online Open Course.   Looking forward to meeting you at

Tuesday June 5

Photography in Second Life and Camera Work - Screen Capture software

Wednesday June 6

The Machinima star script -  capture video for Machinima Star Lyrics

Thursday June 7

Creative Commons and Intellectual Property

Monday june 11

Field Trip to Machinma Monday - Montmarte Theatre

Tuesday June 12

The Script (lyrics, poetry, diologue, narrative)

Wednesday June 13

Editing - less is more

Wednesday June 13

Post Production audio and special effects

Thursday June 14

Show and Tell 

Task Discussion