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Bookmarking for Machinima Diigo

Hey, Bluebarker here. If you are familiar with me you know I'll be the first person to tell how great Social Bookmarking is. Social Bookmarking is very helpful in this day and age where everything and everyone has its own link. But many of you are probably asking how is this different from social networking?

The difference is a simple one. Though Social Networking is a way to share everyone's personal information (their likes, interests and group/contact information) and account names across the multitude of social media sites out of the web; Social Bookmarking is a way to gather not only those links/websites, but those helpful sites and informational papers and videos and puts them in one place so people don't have to look through pages of forum for one specific link. Most social bookmarking sites have a search function where you can search through tags or keywords and it will search between all the stored bookmarks within their name, description and tags for what you are looking for.

Now as best as I can I will continually keep adding any links I find on the Machinima MOOC site and any links shared during meetings. Try as I might, I am just a single person and it would be virtually impossible to get everything, so I am asking you if you would like to help share those links that you have seen or heard that would be very helpful to those of us in the Machinima MOOC. The social bookmarking site we are using is Diigo.

As a way to help your peers, you can help them indirectly by adding more to the Machinima MOOC Diigo group. Perhaps a link to a helpful tutorial video, free software for screen capture or even some wikis/papers on Virtual Worlds and educational relevancy; nothing is too big or too small to be added. Please if you have the time and want to lend a hand please add to the social bookmarking group. This is not a required task though it would be very helpful to your peers and us.

This is just one way for us to expand and supplement the proceedings to the participants within this course. Through our scheduled meetings, tours and discussions we hope that this becomes a tool for you to use and we hope it helps you as much as you want it to. The Machinima MOOC group will contain and accept links revolving around the course's objective: Education, Virtual Worlds, Games, Creative Commons, Content Creation,  Social Media, and Machinima. Thank you again for spending your time here with whatever level of participation you are doing and we hope you make the most out of your experiences during the Machinima MOOC. Please Enjoy. 

***P.S. If you do not wish to join Diigo but have a link you would like us to add, please "Add a Comment" in this task with the link/website and we will be sure to add it for you. You are still able to search through the Machinima MOOC  Diigo group's links/bookmarks and not be forced to join Diigo.***

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