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Photography in Second Life & Camera Work

Tuesday, June 5th, 6pm SLT

Hello, Bluebarker Lowtide here.

I will be giving a lecture on the precursor to film,  photography. Knowing the basics of filming is one thing, but the benefit to learning about photography first is to learn about focus and setting up your shots. A successful film is fundamentally powerful moving stills, engaging the audience with the characters, the mood and action taking place.

Setting up your shot is also a very overlooked, yet powerful action that will remain a constant while you are filming and an even more important role within photography. Framing, elimnating lines and distraction.

Mood is all about colors and with limited facial expressions and hand movement within Second Life, timing is also a key factor. As a Designer, your color key and style guide are two of the most important tools in your arsenal. So scouting for locations and being a buyer for you brand, you set a certain style for a particular shot. Knowing what to look for and how to go about looking for it will save you plenty of time and really help set you apart from everyone else.

You must be wondering, "how on Earth can pictures show action?!?"

Elementary my dear participants, action is displayed in several ways in a still shot.

Photography is an art form, and art is able to convey movement through the transition of colors, the sillhuoette (the pose) of the actors and the invisble lines we dub Movement Lines which manipulates the audience into subconscious looking where we want them to look. All of which are powerful tools you will learn during the course of the synchromus session.

Post any pictures you create in the offcial MOOC flickr stream where several will be chosen to be submitted in our MOOC inworld Album, and if they are really good sumbitted the the illustrious Virtual Education Journal (VEJ), the most popular educational publication for virtual worlds.

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