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Green Group Discussion Page

This page is for members of the Green group to discuss course content and the Kit. It can be edited by all participants.

Hi All

In case I have not provided enough info about my self to you then  best go to

Hope that works. 

1st thing: Suppose we introduce ourselves.  Please follow link above for more info.

2nd:  Establish our time zone. I am GMT +4 (Abu Dhabi) to establish when and how  we communicate.

3rd: Put our hand up for a couple of topics.

What do you think. Is that a reasonable place to start.

Tony Allan

Following on from my last edit.

My understanding of what we are doing.

We are planning to make a kit (information plus other stuff package) that helps make up a practical guide for educators in the use of Web 2.0 tools (Social Media).  We start by asking for a couple of the following topics on the 23rd October:

  1. Core Academic Knowledge
  2. Critical Thinking/Divergent Thinking
  3. Complex Problem Solving
  4. Effective Communication
  5. Working in Collaboration
  6. Learning how to Learn
  7. Global Perspective
  8. 21st Century Skills
  9. Real World Application

We can also contribute by suggesting what could be in the kit. Maybe one of the organisers will let us know if I am off track smiley

Record Keeping

I have sent Bob an email, and cc you Kim hopefully he will respond in the next day or so. if you agree I will copy what ever we scribble into this page on to a word doc and email it to you around midday your time on Sat 22nd.  I will leave only a preference list of what we want.  Unless of course you want to do the admin (time wise your a probably better suited)

My thoughts on topics we can research are:

  1. Working in Collaboration
  2. Learning how to Learn

I choose these because of personal interest and not with thoughts of using it in a classroom. (Please let me know your thoughts)

About me

I am actually no longer teaching as I am now working in Assessment Development (by title only, doing lots of set up stuff in reality) so I can't execute anything we plan. I was teaching vocational level business subjects up to 3 weeks ago so I can speculate and theorise from a base of some practical experience.

I want to understand more through first hand experience how to collaborate and how to set up an effective online community. It is a really interesting concept to me.

Why am I communicating asyncronously

Anna suggested we use Skype to meet, but I am scribbling my thoughts on this page because your 9 hour behind me. (I think).  It is 9.30pm here it is middle of working day 12.30pm there.  I don't know Bobs time zone yet.

Thanks and nice to meet you too.

What is homecoming??


I found this clip from Sir Ken Robinson interesting

Task Discussion

  • kmease   Oct. 17, 2011, 8:03 a.m.

    Hi, Tony--nice to meet you!  I'm in a small rural school in upstate NY, so I'm EST zone. I work with both students and faculty/staff/administrators. I am a key person in our high school for teachers to go to if they are looking to use technology in their classrooms. Typically they give me their project ideas, then we brainstorm to come up with new and exciting ways for the kids to use the medium they enjoy using. 


    As I'm not a typical classroom teacher, my main goal in taking this class is to take back information to my staff. So I will defer to the teachers in this group as to where we want to start! Anything and everything I learn is valuable to me and my staff.