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Week 5 - Project Task (10/31-11/6 2011)

View Project Rubric, Click here.


It’s time for the publishing phase of our class project.  

You should already have...

1) a section of the Kit assigned to your group.

2) received an invite to the Kit wiki where you will be posting your sections of the Kit.

3) started researching and brainstorming your kit sections content with your group


With your project group:

1) Make final revisions and updates to your sections of the Kit.

2) By the end of the week (November 6, 2011) please post a final version of your kit section to the Kit wiki also make sure to add your names to the Kit authors page. If you need help using our wiki, please watch this tutorial.

  • Note: We will comment on one another’s Kit sections during Week 6.

Task Discussion