posted message: This is such a cool course idea. I would love to see this developed! Let me know how I can help!
AJC at Comp
posted message: Welcome to P2PU! I read your description and it sounds like you're wanting to build a learning plan. You should check out these two things: • DIY U: • Open Scout:
posted message: Welcome to P2PU! I read your description and think you should check out this awesome challenge DIY U:
posted message: Hey Jenny! Check out:
posted message: Let us know how we can help you use P2PU for your project! Best, ALISON
AJC at Frank
posted message: Hey Frank, check out:
posted message: Hey Peter check out DIY U: It's got a lot in common with your groups goals!
posted message: Have you seen this P2PU group:?
posted message: Hello DIY U participants! We'd love to invite you to sign up for the new DIY U course. We've redesigned it to help everyone develop a strong personal learning plan and show their progress. If you're still tackling or learning goals or feel you're ready to mentor others, please sign up!! Sign up opens Feb 1st, but previous participants can join early to give us some feedback. You're a special group of early DIY U adopters and we'd love to keep you around. Join the new DIY U:
posted message:
posted message: Welcome to P2PU! Have you seen: ?
posted message: Hey Pete! This is an awesome idea for a group on P2PU!
posted message: This is an awesome course idea! Let us know what we can do to help it get developed!
posted message: Very Cool! Some P2PU folks are working with Anya Kamenetz on this course: and redesigning it to be more challenge based in a new version (under development):
posted message: Hey all! Alison/P2PU staffer here! NaNoWriMo is now in full swing. I'd love to feature some of the ideas behind your novels on the P2PU blog. Any takers?
posted message: Just a welcome to our new members! I encourage new members to start drafting their personal learning plans and posting them for feedback. Ask any questions here and we will help along the way!
posted message: The Community Handbook has been a great experiment in supporting the community. With your feedback we built something even better. Check out the new ! Thanks all for participating in this space! See you at the new help desk.
posted message: Just a welcome note to new participants! As you can see many people have been building their personal learning plans and sharing their links in the task list: We'd love to get to know our new users. We encourage you to check out what others have been working on and take some inspiration from their efforts. You can share your questions and concerns with the group as you work through your development process! Welcome!
posted message: Really excited to see Wendy flesh out: - what an amazing endeavor, especially considering the current economic climate here in the USA.
posted message: So excited to see what everyone is working on! Two participants have already created learning plans (instructions in the first task). Can't wait to get rolling next week!