Week 2.2 - Video samples - video education for change workshop

week 2.2 - Video samples - video education for change workshop

Activity -

In this week you need to refer following videos. These are different videos recorded in different ways to teach something or express something.

You need to watch them and watch other videos on YouTube and write about your overall learning from this activity and think about which type of videos do you like to record to share your knowledge.

Guitar Lesson: Learn THE 4 Chords

GMAT Tuesday: Critical Reasoning - Complete the Argument

Traditional Cutout Animation - Part 2

TOEFL Tuesday: Speaking Sample Answer - Task 3

Product Design 1 - Introduction

05 simple tips to help you DE-STRESS. ( Stress management techniques & Personality Development)

Digital Illustration - Drawing a Tree Digitally

How to Score 117 out of 120 on TOEFL: Speaking Part and Writing Essays

Dholak Making - Ahmedabad

TOEFL Lesson - Speaking Question #6 with Kathy

Temple Pottery - Puri, Orissa

Visual Learners | Taking Notes, Study Methods and Organisation

Where do I begin? 5 baby steps for Tarot beginners

UP Board - Class 4 - Maths - Chapter 6 - Part 2

Agniastra Preparation- Banswara

Meet the Yatripreneur - Charnita Arora

Token-Based Architecture Design

How to find your lost or stolen Android phone? Apna ghuma hua Android phone kaise khoje? Hindi video

Guru Se Chat with Fiverr Top Rated Seller. Hindi फाइवर गुरु से चैट, हिंदी में. Guru Se Chat 1

Simplest Telescope | Hindi

Introduction to limits | Limits | Differential Calculus | Khan Academy

Scott Guthrie demos Windows Azure Active Directory in the Cloud

ASP NET Community Standup - November 1st, 2016 - Back from a short break

Xamarin Evolve 2013: How C# Saved My Marriage, Enchanced My Career, and Made Me an Inch Taller

Scott Hanselman: Cloud Development with Azure and Visual Studio


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