Week 9 - Learn about audio and video editing tools

Learn about audio and video editing tools

Windows movie maker


Windows movie maker tutorials

iMovie tutorials

Final Cut Pro Training and Tutorials

Adobe Premiere pro tutorials

Trimming and split editing in iMovie

Cropping and rotating in iMovie

Adjusting color in iMovie

Adjusting the speed of clips in iMovie

Creating movie trailers in iMovie

Adding background music and voice-over in iMovie

Asset organization and project management in Premiere Pro

Basic editing in Premiere Pro

Trimming and refining in Premiere Pro

Basic audio editing in Premiere Pro

Working with stills and graphics in Premiere Pro

Basic effects in Premiere Pro

Manipulating clip speed in Premiere Pro

Using automatic and basic color correction tools in Premiere Pro

Working with titles in Premiere Pro

Sharing and exporting in Premiere Pro

HOW TO Green Screen (Chromakey) Premiere Pro CC

Easy Green-Screen Tutorial for iMovie (2017)

HitFilm Express





Cyberlink PowerDirector



Android Video Editing: Cyberlink PowerDirector Tutorial on Android



How to Make a Video Intro for YouTube (Full Tutorial!)

Editing Documentaries and Interviews with Premiere Pro Part 1

Editing Documentaries and Interviews with Premiere Pro Part 2

Episode 33 - Editing Dialogue - Tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015


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