chocolate dip coconut dry fruit balls recipe in Hindi

chocolate dip coconut dry fruit balls recipe in Hindi

Preparation time - Almost same as video length.


2-3 people


શ્યામ સંયોજન ચોકલેટ/ काले मिश्रित चॉकलेट/ dark compound chocolate

સફેદ સંયોજન ચોકલેટ/ सफेद मिश्रित चॉकलेट/ white compound chocolate

ડેસીકટેડ કોકોનટ/ नारियल बुरादा/ Desiccated Coconut

તારીખો / ખાજુર/ तिथियाँ / खजुर/ Dates/ Khajur

કોફી/ कॉफ़ी/ Coffee

વોલનટ/ अखरोट/ walnut

કાજુ/ काजू/ Cashew nuts

પિસ્તા/ पिसता/ Pistachios

બદામ/ बादाम/ almond

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