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Hosting your Game Files

Each of you will need a way of hosting the files (HTML, Javascript, CSS, images, etc.) that make up your game, so that they are accessible on the Web for others to see and play with.  Some of you may already have your own web server where you can host any files you want, but not everybody has

Wordpress or Blogger blogs aren't very useful for hosting plain HTML files - they add a lot of HTML of their own around each of your posts. What we really want is a site that will just show your HTML files straight-up with no extras.

I recommend using GitHub.  Its main purpose is revision control -- backing up each change to your files so that you can go back to any previous version, while letting multiple people work on the same files, merging and synchronizing their changes. But GitHub also has a feature where you can click "Raw" to see the HTML document plain, without any extras.  This lets you use GitHub as a bare-bones way of hosting your HTML documents in addition to its other benefits.  It's also free, and will be extremely helpful whenever two or more people want to collaborate on the same project.

Here's the GitHub help page which offers tutorials for getting started.

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