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Full Description

Group Goals

  • Improve our online writing skills.
  • Develop a regular blogging practice.
  • Identify our intended blog audiences.
  • Find our "voice"
  • Meet regularly and support each other.
  • Learn more about the tools and technology used for blogging


Group tasks and activities

  • We're collaboratively developing our tasks.
  • A first round of identifying goals and tasks is documented in this blog post
  • Focus area for tasks include:

    • Audience
    • Rhythm
    • Writing Voice
    • Writing
    • Technical & Tools
    • Blogging Goals
    • Professional v Personal
    • Layout and Grammar
    • Images
    • Ethics and Legal

Organisational Structure

  • This group was created so that we could all learn together and create a reusable resource.
  • We are operating on a peer-based structure where we all take turns to facilitate meetings.
  • We're all working together to identify and develop the group's tasks
  • There are no experts in this group. No matter your skill level as a writer there are still new things to learn.
  • Organisers have additional responsibilities, primariliy accepting new members to the group. If you'd like to be an organiser please add let us know (Write on the Group's wall or send the organisers a message).
  • The group was orginally created by Pippa Buchanan.

Task Discussion