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New Meeting Time - Mondays 17.00 GMT

I'd like to schedule a new meeting time for the Blogging and Writing on the Web Study Group - starting from next Monday (November 7th).

I can commit to this time for the next 6 weeks before I go travelling over the holidays.


Unless communicated otherwise join the "Demo Meeting" at

You'll need a working headset and microphone to participate fully in the meeting.

Also load the Etherpad to review notes during the meeting


UTC / GMT (London) 17:00   
Central European Time UTC +1 (Berlin, Vienna) 18:00
Pacific Time (San Francisco) Mon 09:00    
Eastern Time (New York) Mon 12:00

November 7th Agenda

I want to bring all the people attending up to speed with the current status of the group and to support the multiple goals in the group from those who want to keep a personal blog to those with a more commercial or professional blogging interest.

  • Review existing tasks in P2PU site and on Etherpad (line 91 down)
  • Clarify core tasks for all participants over the next 6 weeks
  • Identify personal blogging v. professional / commercial pathways using additional tasks.
  • Add additional agenda items here...
  • Add new, and possibly final, task - Review your own progress
  • Reflect on working in group

Task Discussion

  • AJC   Nov. 9, 2011, 2:05 p.m.

    I would not be able to participate on Mondays - However I would still like to follow any efforts the group makes. Perhaps this is a good chance, Pippa, to find a cofacilitator and promote a new round for the course?

  • Lynn Cook   Nov. 8, 2011, 7:41 p.m.

    I've added the "Review your own progress" discussion point because I know that I've kept on working on my blogs but have done so outside of the P2PU framework and I wonder if other people have done the same.

    I think I've stepped outside the framework for a couple of reasons:

    1. time

    Setting up a blog takes ages, there's a lot of technical fiddling about to do quite apart from the writing itself. So I found that developing my blogs didn't fit neatly within the tasks we've outlined here. And to update and change the tasks would've taken more time, so I opted out.

    2. audience

    My blogs are essentially small, local, endeavours. I'm still working my audience out ... friends and family, myself. As I do more writing this will change I think, but that's way off in the future. 

    3. anonymity

    Strange as it may sound I kind of wanted to maintain some online anonymity ... I'm okay with setting up a persona, or revealing myself as an artist on my art blog, and a cook on my food blog, but I'm not that sure about how to approach being myself in this kind of environment. Hmm, nutty.

    Okay, so I think it'd be good to do a review of what we've done individually over the life of Blogging and Writing for the Web, as well as doing a review of the course itself and our participation in it. What has worked, and what hasn't worked etc. Then wrapping it up as an initial offering.