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    posted message: Hello DIY U participants! We'd love to invite you to sign up for the new DIY U course. We've redesigned it to help everyone develop a strong personal learning plan and show their progress. If you're still tackling or learning goals or feel you're ready to mentor others, please sign up!! Sign up opens Feb 1st, but previous participants can join early to give us some feedback. You're a special group of early DIY U adopters and we'd love to keep you around. Join the new DIY U: p2pu.org/en/groups/diy-u
    posted message: Chiming in on what Alison said: Newbies, post a link to your personal learning plan here: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/diy-u-getting-started-with-self-learning/content/post-a-link-to-your-learning-plan-here/ to get started! We're going to be formally "ending" the first cycle of this course and starting a new one next week. I will post a video summing up what we've done here and what we've learned. We'll be looking for a volunteer to step up and lead the next round along with Alison, so if anyone wants to help (low time commitment) please put your hand up!
    posted message: Just a welcome to our new members! I encourage new members to start drafting their personal learning plans and posting them for feedback. Ask any questions here and we will help along the way!
    posted message: check this out guys: http://www.ztcollege.com/howitworks.php They've done some serious work mapping out a strategy for self directed learning--lots of parallels with what's going on here.
    posted message: Just a welcome note to new participants! As you can see many people have been building their personal learning plans and sharing their links in the task list: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/diy-u-getting-started-with-self-learning/content/post-a-link-to-your-learning-plan-here/ We'd love to get to know our new users. We encourage you to check out what others have been working on and take some inspiration from their efforts. You can share your questions and concerns with the group as you work through your development process! Welcome!
    posted message: Hi guys! The call will be tomorrow at 5pm ET. Please add me on Skype: Anya0319. I'll initiate the call. Looking forward to speaking with some of you--if it's fun, we'll do it again!!
    posted message: hey guys, don't forget to vote for your preferred time for a call on the Doodle poll: http://doodle.com/nymmbrke9ubekki6 Right now Wednesday ,October 6 at 5pm ET is the leader. We'll announce the time by Tuesday, October 5. The call will cover: *Updates on your personal learning plans. *How we can provide more support to each other within the course and expand our personal learning networks. *Suggested resources *Anything else you'd like to discuss
    posted message: Alison and I would like to hold a check-in call over Skype with as many people as possible given time zones, sometime in the next 2 weeks. Check in here to vote for your desired date and time (all times US Eastern): http://www.doodle.com/nymmbrke9ubekki6 The call will cover: *Updates on your personal learning plans. *How we can provide more support to each other within the course and expand our personal learning networks. *Suggested resources *Anything else you'd like to discuss! Thanks, Anya
    posted message: There was an article in yesterday's Chronicle of Higher Education "Innovations" blog entitled, "Cheap, Maybe Even Free, Higher Education." Here's the link: http://chronicle.com/blogs/innovations/cheap-maybe-even-free-higher-education/30348?sid=pm&utm_source=pm&utm_medium=en - good article and has a couple of links I captured for my Learning Plan. This is an idea that seems to be gaining some momentum - it's a fascinating culture shift!
    posted message: I asked my friend Caroline Woolard to share her success at finding mentors. Here's a tip and more can be found at: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/diy-u-getting-started-with-self-learning/content/find-a-mentor/ "When you write an email to a potential mentor, use "affinity jargon." I use the term "affinity jargon" to describe the language or style of writing your mentor uses. Find an aspect of this style or "jargon" that resonates with you, and use that style/jargon when writing to your potential mentor. For example, when I wrote an email to Lewis Hyde, I opened with poetry because he loves poetry."
    posted message: I posted an update to my plan and would love to get your feedback: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/personal-learning-plan-do-it-together-university-the-independent-learner-in-community/
    posted message: This is also a place where it will be easy for me to execute task #4
    posted message: Hey guys, I wanted to find a mentor who lived nearby and was available often for chats or hands-on help. I did some research and found out about "hackerspaces," basically clubs or organizations for people who like to tinker with electronics and learn together. I was fortunate to find there was one in my area and I showed up to an open meeting last night and signed up right away. After being there for 10 minutes I knew that this was the learning environment that I couldn't provide for myself at home. If anybody is like me and wondering where to find people to learn with offline, try to find a similar hobby group or club in your area, they often have membership fees, but the return is well worth it!!
    posted message: Hi! Want to welcome our new participants and make sure you know that you can post a link to your personal learning plan here: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/diy-u-getting-started-with-self-learning/content/post-a-link-to-your-learning-plan-here/ Now that we're 3 weeks in, I'd love for participants to post updates as well!
    posted message: Hi guys, I wanted to post video of my talk at Maker Faire over the weekend: This is connected to my Personal Learning Plan task to learn more about roles of communities in learning: http://diyubook.com/2011/09/diy-u-edupunks-guide-at-maker-faire-nyc/
    posted message: Using Firefox's "Speed Dial" addon, I created a group for my Learning Network. You can see it here: http://wendydunst.posterous.com/my-learning-network (click to enlarge the pic). I also posted some links in the External Links section of my Learning Path - these links are things I want to check out but may not refer to on a regular basis, like I will with Learning Network speed dial group sites. You may notice that there are other tabs that refer to Speed Dial groups. The Learning Path (as opposed to Network) group is where P2PU, Zotero, MIT OCW, and others live.
    posted message: Thanks to Wendy's reminder, I posted a screencast for Task #2 where I talk about how to build your Personal Learning Network around the web. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhE_pOFjxOM
    posted message: People's drawings of their learning journeys, from Good magazine: Inspiring! http://www.good.is/post/submissions-doodle-your-learning-journey/
    posted message: Has anyone already read this great article: http://elearn.rwth-aachen.de/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=1059|CAJS10 Toward a Personal Learning Environment Framework From abstract: ...despite isolated achievements, technology-enhanced learning (TEL) has not succeeded in revolutionizing education and learning processes. Most current TEL initiatives still take a centralized technology-push approach in which learning content is pushed to a predefined group of learners in closed environments. ****A fundamental shift toward a more open and learner-pull model for learning is needed.**** (Sorry if this is "old" for somebody, I did not scan your plans for it - I found it via Twitter, @leighblackall)
    posted message: Have you noticed that there is a "feedback" button floating on the left? It will lead to a nice feedback system, where you can report problems easily AND vote for bugs others have reported. Let's all find one bug/annoying feature and report it! Therefore we can help to make this a better learning environment.