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Cut, Copy, Paste

Putting it together

After you have vetted and addressed all of the copyright and privacy issues in your content and resources, you can then begin the editing process. 

The second part to "Teach Someone Something with Open Content" course goes into depth on editing materials and preparing them for use. 


* Deep dive

If you've retained some content that was ineligible for copyright or you're making a fair use, think about tagging that content. It's nice to let others, especially international users, know what decisions you've made about your use of content. Try this deep dive on attribution practices:

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* Tool tips

Here's (.ppt) a preformatted license and disclaimer page, an attribution key, a title page, and an additional source information page that you can insert into your resources to give a consistent look and feel to your resources.

Task Discussion

  • Piet   Oct. 4, 2012, 10:30 a.m.

    basic skills

    - dealing with content: retain, replace, remove

    - attribution practices


    advanced skills

    - license compatibility

    - marking with tags (owning your fair use and pd-inel claims)