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Getting it out there

Reviewing your work

Before publishing the material, it's always helpful to ask a more experienced dScribe to review your material and suggest any changes that might be made to assuage potential copyright, privacy, endorsement, or other formatting issues. For example, others can help with:

- making sure things are consistent

- watching for things that are out of context (keeping flow in mind)

- dotting your i's

- crossing your t's

Include a link to your materials in the discussion and ask for feedback.



With the edits and review complete, you're ready to publish these resources anywhere you want: your personal website, a photo sharing site like Flickr, a document sharing site like SlideShare, or any number of other sharing communities like the ones you drew from to begin with. Check out the Open.Michigan share page to see different places where you can share your content.

Take this quick challenge to see how easy it can be to contribute to Wikimedia Commons:

By the way, here at the School of Open we have a group of enthusiastic people that can give you tips on where they have shared successfully. Got a question, add it to the discussion.


* Deep dive

Sharing well, includes promotion. This increases the chances that your stuff will be found and used. Promoting your work on Twitter,, Facebook and within the platforms you've shared on is a way to let others know it exists. Otherwise how will your friends know about your great work and how will they know that they can use it?

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Task Discussion