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At P2PU, people work together to learn a particular topic by completing tasks, assessing individual and group work, and providing constructive feedback.

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    posted message: Excellent meeting today.
    posted message: Blogging and Writing for the Web meeting - This Friday, May 13th at 10am GMT! http://new.p2pu.org/en/groups/blogging-and-writing-for-the-web/content/join-a-group-meeting/ If you can't make this meeting, please suggest a time that suits your schedule and time-zone.
    posted message: The latest release of P2PU's Lernanta platform now supports multiple group organisers. If you'd like to help me out please let me know. The primary responsibility of organisers for a group such as Blogging and Writing for the Web is accepting new members. You'll also be able to rephrase the group description and add links to the group sidebar.
    posted message: Hi everyone - I'm still lagging on creating my mind-map and list of blog posts I want to write, but I've created some new tasks - a meeting task and one for identifying useful resources. Please respond! If you think of an improvement to the task description please take a minute to click "Edit" and make a change! @blackstar - can you lead the charge on the Identify Useful Resources task and share that link from A List Apart? http://new.p2pu.org/en/groups/blogging-and-writing-for-the-web/content/identify-useful-resources/
    posted message: @blackstar I haven't used Voxli yet, but let's use the P2PU etherpad for notes: http://pad.p2pu.org/BloggingAndWritingForTheWeb Creating a task for this - please edit and add changes where you feel it's necessary. Also - create a task whenever you want - this is very much a traditional study group where anyone can take control (I'm just waiting until the release of Lernanta that allows us to have multiple admins!)
    posted message: @Pippa I'm proposing a date next weekend - this weekend may not be enough notice for the group. Speaking to each other on a weekly basis can help this to "feel" real - I have a sense that we are all waiting for something to happen. Let's use Voxli for voice (https://voxli.com/) and TitanPad for live typing (http://titanpad.com/). I can show you how to use these tools if you are unfamiliar - message me. Suggested agenda: 1. Introducing Myself 2. About My Blog 3. Why write? This is a brilliant syllabus foundation > http://www.alistapart.com/articles/writeliving/ I can organise the times but perhaps you should - let me know before the weekend. If it's time sensitive, grab me on Twitter.
    posted message: @blackstar - that's a great idea. So far I've avoided setting up a meeting as it can be difficult to get international time-zones to match up and everyone's commitments matched up :-) As we've got a largely European based group it should be easier to meet. Can take the lead in organising the meeting time? Perhaps set up a link to Doodle and a sample agenda for the first meeting within a Task?
    posted message: Are we going to meet online? The best study group experiences I had were with Karen [Entrepreneurial Marketing] and Matt [PHP for beginners]. Once a week met in a chat room. It really helps to foster a strong sense of group identity. Plus, we could all do little experiments in live writing and /talk/ about our ideas. What do you think? I know that would be helpful - and encouraging - to me.
    posted message:

    @Lynn you have the power and the permission to create a task however you want it to be. You should be able to create a New Task using the button in the left sidebar.

    posted message:

    Lynn, that's a great idea. Writing 5 blog posts is a huge effort though and I know that I'd be scared away :-) May I suggest a remix of your idea?

    We could list the blog posts we've been intending to write, and where we feel comfortable describe the reasons why we've procrastinated them. Those reasons might provide us with insight as to what we want to improve and suggest further tasks to us.

    Eg. I put off writing blog posts if: I don't know the topic well enough, feel my writing is unclear, am unsure about sharing personal info, can't find the perfect image to illustrate a post, don't have enough time etc. Tasks related to this could be about research, clarity, privacy, finding suitable images, time management and schedu

    posted message:

    Having introduced myself, and answered the question about what I need help with, I can see that a useful task for me would be to: - list all of the blog posts I've been intending to write, - then choose perhaps 5 of them, - then write them up, - and post them.

    posted message:

    Welcome! This is a collaborative group where we all learn to be better and more confident bloggers. While some of us may have more experience than others, none of us are experts. That means that all of us can (and should) take a lead in creating and responding to tasks, sharing resources and leading discussions.

    I posted the first task, it's very simple. Introduce yourself and the topics you want to blog about. http://new.p2pu.org/en-US/groups/blogging-and-writing-for-the-web/content/introduce-yourself/

    It would be great for everyone to propose a task. Perhaps it could be around a particular challenge you have when wr