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OPTIONAL: Knight-Mozilla final group check-in

Class picture!
#MozNewsLab final group hangout on Big Blue Button  
If you're up for it, please join us Friday for the final Big Blue Button session of the #MozNewsLab. This is entirely optional, but it should be fun.
Details on how to join the live lecture can be found in the e-mail that will be sent to you Friday morning. If you do not receive the e-mail, please direct message Phillip ( ) or Alex ( ).
Details on how to join the lecture can be found below.
+ There is NO agenda! 
+ You put on headphones and a smile, and then log-in to Big Blue Button and click the little icon at the top right to share your computer's web cam with everyone.
+ We'll kick off the session with a handful of questions. Those that want to answer can jump in.
+ And there's a SURPRISE. Here's how it works:
Everyone with last names Bell thru Gavaz are in group "BUN
Everyone with last names Gilbert thru Pinto are in group "CHA"
Everyone with last names Raquedan thru Zhu are in group "CHICKETY"
... remember which group you're in. We'll unpack the surprise on the call.  :)
A quick note on attendance:  Friday's lecture is an optional lecture and we will not be taking  attendance. That said, we'll be really happy to see you there for one final farewell.  :)

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