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    This space is for anyone experimenting with the new site to seek guidance and ask questions - and if your questions can't be answered here, we can point you to the best place they can!

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    When I made a study group and added external links to it, they were then put under my profile's links. Was that intended?

    Top 3 are me. Bottom 3 are the lernata study group. http://new.p2pu.org/en-US/jessica/

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    Hey folks, you can check out how new.p2pu.org is developing over here (with screencast): http://new.p2pu.org/en-US/courses/lernanta-dev/content/release-02/

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    Ali: Except for me (admins can do anything :D ), the other followers of the course will not be able to post messages to the wall, add new content pages or comment in those pages. They are able to contact you through a "Contact Organizer" button at the top right. You probably want to add all the course followers participants so they can interact more freely with the help desk.

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    Creating a study group on the new site? Here's what you can expect during the test phase:

    April 11 A basic sign-up process for study groups will be available and you should be able to broadcast messages to all participants. Schools will also have a main page for their communities.

    April 25 We imagine most study groups will become active around the 25th. Email-based interaction will be available, and study group content will have easy to edit and organize features.

    Beyond The list of features above is by no means comprehensive. However, not all ideal social engagement features will be ready by 25 April. New features will be released every two weeks and we will actively keep the community updated on coming developments