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Go behind the scenes!

P2PU is run by a community of volunteers in addition to a small team of staff.

Working groups are used to organise activity around behind-the-scenes activities within P2PU and are often used to gather community attention around a particular issue or task. Anyone can join a working group.

P2PU Community Discussion

This is where the whole community discusses broad topics and debates the core issues, including strategy, stewardship, outreach, etc.

Who should join: anyone willing to brave the volume and build P2PU!

Mailing list (very high volume):

Contact: Bekka Kahn


P2PU Technical Development

The P2PU-dev mailing list is for those who are interested in helping develop and improve the technical infrastructure and website of P2PU.

Who should join: Developers willing to join an active oss community 

Contact: Zuzel Vera

Mailing list (high volume):


P2PU Research

P2PU Research is a discussion list for community members and outside individuals and.or organizations wanting to partner with the P2PU project and community for research.

Who should join: internal & external researchers, mathematicians, pedagogues & professionals 

Mailing list:

Contact: Alison Cole


P2PU Schools Working Group


• Identify potential future schools within the community

• Refine the process of nurturing schools that we started developing at the 2010 Workshop

• Define criteria for awarding micro-grants (or not) to start a few new schools

Who should join: Anyone is welcome to join the group, however doing so means you are committing to taking responsibility to move this forward.

Mailing list:

Contact: Lila Bailey


P2PU Português!

Mailing list:


P2PU Español

Mailing list:


Task Discussion