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Promote your study group

  1. We recommend blogging, tweeting and sharing through your prefered social networks.

    Tweeting: Put a link to your project page and use #p2pu so that we can RT and help get the word out.

    Blogging: Describe your study group, its running dates and link to information about P2PU:

    Describing P2PU: You can copy 'about' text into your promotion, and also share your personal reasons for getting involved as well.

    P2PU does promotions of new study groups each week on our announcement list, blog and through common social media outlets. You can broaden your range of sign-ups by promoting your learning project as well.

  2. Send an email to admin at p2pu dot org and Bekka and Alison will tweet and blog up a storm for your course/study group, as well!
  3. If your study group/course is part of a school, contact the school's and let them know you're ready to promote.

Task Discussion

  • Pippa Buchanan   May 5, 2011, 5:55 a.m.

    When promoting Webcraft groups by Twitter and other short message services like and we often add hash-tags to the topic eg. #javascript as this can get more coverage and retweets.