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Week 3 - An Overview of World of Warcraft Week

Welcome to Worlds of Warcraft Week.

Our plan is to have the beginning of the sessions on Monday and Tuesday in Second Life. Then we'll all log into World of Warcraft. We will try to be consistent with the times, but may change the discussion topic or gameplay if an opportunity arises to show you more.

Please see the schedule for times, slurls and what faction we are playing.

The Second Life HQ for our Group is on Front Range Island. We will be putting up some course links and notecards there also. 


Overview of World of Warcraft
Two Factions - Alliance & Horde

Homework - After the session, we will be posting a WoW Discussion 1in P2P


Questing/Grinding - onward to Level 6!
Discussion of Environmental Design

Homework - After the session, we will be posting a WoW Discussion 2 in P2P and yes it will involve screenshots!


Alliance Races
Possible Roleplay Opportunity
Screenshots/Flickr II


Guild Meetup with Cognitive Dissonance Guild & 3D Games Lab Group


On your own - unless there is a request


MMORPGs & Machinima in the Morning 

MMORPGs & Machinima in the Morning 8 am SLT

Cohort Runs and Mentoring on Saturday and Sunday  - because of the holiday the next day this will be informal. Jump on to vent and look for Biggersby or Tashi. If we are there, we help you with leveling, give advice and always willing to kite monsters to you.


As Sunday is a holiday for many people, we will not have a meeting.

I will check with 3D Game Lab to see if there meetup is still happening.

So  WoW will be borrowing Monday April 9 for our battleground/dungeon runs and WoW wrap-up.


Meet in Second Life to sort groups and teams
Try to have at least one toon that is level 10-14
Preferably one on the Horde and one on the Alliance so you can see gameplay from both sides

After that we will do the WoW wrap-up.


Task Discussion