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Week 1--Location Sharing!

University of Texas' Alamo sim


Have favorite places that you like to explore?  Need directions for how to find locations to take students and peers?  This is the place to post 'em!  Let's get sharing!


Something to start with--

In SL:

The Education and Non-Profit section of the Destination Guide

Second Life wiki Educational Resources section (cool spots are towards the bottom of the page)

Aether Education & Travel (okay, I'll plug my little project)--inworld at

(Aether has guided tour notecards from some of the past tours I've done for the university and for Oxbridge--steampunk and Caledon on the lower floor with educational and non-profits on the 2nd floor)

 In Inworldz:

Landmark board right at the Welcome area (beware of the avalanche of incoming landmarks!)

There's also the newsletter, forums, and events found on their website (you have to log in to access)--

In New World Grid:

Follow the blue arrows from the entry point at the Welcome Area.  Teleports to the cool spots abound!  Just click and go!

Announcements of events and new locations being added can be found in the events calendar and on the blog, both available through the website--


This obviously isn't an exhaustive list of how to find cool places to explore.  Have more?  Speak up! 

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