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Week 4: Overview

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! This week  is all about discussing the Leading Edge of virtual world implementation in education.

We have a great week of disucssion planned. We start off with a reflection of our time in Wow on Monday. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we have virtual world heavywieghts :D Beverly G. McCarter and Lyr Lobo discussing all the wonderful things that they are doing that make us all feel like we need clones because we are falling behind. :D

Once Beverly and Lyr set your heads spinning, Kavon will lead the charge in discussing Open Courses and Connectivism. Friday is an intentional open slot at this time, we'll keep you posted. :D On Saturday, Johh Carter McKnight returns to redeem the VWBPE EveOnline rainchecks!

Whew!... and on Sunday, we will gather for reflection on the MOOC.

Week 4 Bleeding Edge or Leading Edge

Monday April 9

World of Warcraft Wrap-up Night
Rally Point in Second Life - Front Range

6pm SLT

Wrap-up disussion in Second Life

Then for anyone who would like to join - up we'll try some dungeons & battlegrounds

Tuesday April 10
Leading Edge with Beverly G. McCarter

Maya Astronomy Center

Rally Point in Second Life - Front Range

6pm SLT

Wednesday April 11
Leading Edge with Lyr Lobo

Rally Point in Second Life - Front Range

6pm SLT

Thursday April 12

Early Minecraft!
Noon - 130 pm SLT
Epic Adventures
Minecraft Visit with Knowclue Kidd

MOOCs, Open Courses & Connectivism
6  pm SLT (TBD)
Cog Dis Vent

Friday April 13

Saturday April 14

EveOnline Overview:
Rally Point in Second Life - Front Range

6pm SLT

EveOnline Tour with John Carter McKnight
You will need to download the trial version of EveOnline from Thre is a 14 day trial so we recommend waiting until Friday before downloading it. 

7pm SLT

Sunday April 15
MOOC Wrap-up

Task Discussion