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Week 4 Wrap-up & Post Week 4

Monday - Use of Google + as screenshare and Horde run in World of Warcarft to demonstrate it.  (also looking to get Inevitable Betrayal to level 3)

6pm SLT Rally Point in Second Life - Front Range

email kae  so we can add you to Google +

Tuesday - ISTE SIGVE Interview
5 pm SL
SLEEC Island


EVE Online Tour II- TBD but obviously within the next 10 days

Wrap-Up, Dance, Music, etc - TBD

Rally Point in Second Life - Front Range

Will be discussing Self-Study, ISTE Machinima Fest
and ......possibly a Machinima Challenge or OOC thru P2P
and.......possibly a ARG challenge or OOC that is ready for ISTE

Task Discussion

  • Gridjumper   April 16, 2012, 9:55 a.m.

    The ISTE/SIGVE Interview is at SLEEC on SL.  I gave folks the LM Sunday night - those who were on.  Spiff will send out  a notice on Tuesday night.