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Week 1--More Opportunities

I wanted to post a few options for those who would like to go into other worlds that we haven't covered and explore on their own.



For those of you who sat in on Dr. Chris Dede's presentation but haven't visited EcoMUVE as of yet, it's set up as a single-user basis at the moment (which means we can't get a whole group in--but I'm told that's coming!). 

Go to and sign up.  You'll receive an email with a list of the resources and be able to access the EcoMUVE pond area from there.



For those of you who have been curious about exploring Kitely, here's the needed info to access the public areas.  (Thanks to Beth for the info!)

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Login.
  3. Click on create a new account.
  4. Register for a free account. (Short registration page)
  5. You'll get 120 minutes for free.
  6. Download the kitely plugin (it may do this for you).
  7. **Note: Normally, Kitely launches the default virtual world viewer. This is usually the last viewer that was installed. However, if you have multiple viewers installed then you can choose explicitly which viewer to use.
  8. Go to the following for directions.
  9. After you have confirmed your registration information, you are brought to a page where you have the option to enter Public Worlds.
  10. Click on Public Worlds. A many paged list of worlds that are public comes up.
  11. Click on them and see what you find! They are listed in order of most recently accessed. MOST of these worlds are in progress.
  12. Beth's info--My world is Peninsula, my owner name is Beth Wellman. It is VERY, VERY in progress :-). You are welcome to take a look around. I am designing it for teenagers to explore and create on. Some worlds require that you use your minutes in them. Other worlds will pick up the tab for you. My world picks up the tab, at least for now. Please log out when you are done and save the Kitely credits for others who might visit.



If you saw Kaseido Quandry's presentation, "Space Makes You Bitter" during VWBPE, you may remember the mention of an upcoming raid that our members have been invited to.  While there isn't an official date as of yet, it was requested that anyone interested contact him in SL to get on the list so he knows how many to expect.

Never been in Eve? will get you in the door.  Fair warning, though--they appear to be "playing" with forced orientation packets, so the "first hour experience" may be completely different, depending on when you sign up.  (14 day trial period at

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