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Connect and Collaborate [Oct. 9, 2012, 11:42 a.m.]

dScribe is fundamentally about the opportunity to collaborate with others to create open content. Perhaps you’re a group of students creating a project and want to ensure that others can take your work and adapt it. Or, maybe you’re a faculty member looking for students and staff to work with you as you strive to open your research and teaching material to a broader audience. Whether you’re a team of two or a group of eight, the first step in the dScribe process is to connect with others interested in working together.

As you confirm who you will work with and begin to formulate thoughts around how you want to collaborate, you have a couple of approaches you can take:
  • DIY and simply have fun exploring the process of creating open content.
  • You can post a discussion topic here to share your interest in doing the dScribe process. 


- what do you care about/want to work on

- who are your people?

- go find people

tool tip:

collaboration tools/open communities:





post a comment here

students for free culture

google group(s)(?)

p2pu mentorship program

email someone

local groups (a2geeks)

google+ hangouts