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Week 1 - Common Core State Standards Annotation Activity

As we get started working with the Common Core State Standards, I think it makes sense that we begin with, well, the standards themselves.  Have you read them?  Considered what they are actually asking your student to know and be able to do?

I've built out a little website with the language of the standards.  The neat thing abou tthe site is that it's designed so that you can comment on each line of the standards.  

I'd like for the bulk of your course participation this week to be in reading and annotating and being in conversation with other course participants on the language of the standards themselves. 

Go for it.  As you read, think about activities that you do currently that will meet these standards.  Ask questions when you find unfamiliar words or phrases.  Argue with the text if you'd like.  However you approach the text - approach it with questions and mark it up.

Common Core Annotation Activity

Task Discussion