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Week 3 - Overview

Hey - You're almost at the midpoint - Week 3.  Well, okay, you're not there yet, but you will be by the end of the week.  So that's something.

This week, we're continuing to think about writing habits, tool, and toys, in light of the Common Core Standards while also continuing to think about how we might write across the curriculum in our schools.  (Basically, think about the habits that you should develop for your students as writers, no matter what couse they find themselves in.)

So, in your explorations and ruminations this week, be sure to:

Don't forget our reading and resources collection.  I see lots of interesting resources emerging in your conversations - make sure they find their way back to the master list.  

Oh - and if you've been quiet these first two weeks, the time to make yourself known is now.  Jump on into the conversations and tell us what you're thinking, wondering and writing about.  See everyone in the work.  Write on!

Task Discussion