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Week 3 -WoW Discussion 2 [April 4, 2012, 9:36 a.m.]

We'll be using this discussion to talk about guilds and groups

We started on the Horde side, with a very small level 2 guild Inevtiable Betrayal (72%) that is comprised of 5 educators and a few family members. It was started as place to put the goblins  for the Global Goblin Gathering. It currently has 3 level 85s and has aspirations of being a role-playing heal-for-hire mercenary group.And maybe by the end of this week we'll have one or 2 guild websites. (We need to test them out - you know to see if we can use them to gamify our classes). Inevtiable Betrayal has someone on most evenings, asking people if they need help or doing a "design run" to go look at some new texture or just deciding that repeatedly jumping over a cliff is necessary for that perfect screenshot.

Now, we'll be moving to the Alliance side where Cognitive Dissonance is located. This is a level 25 guild ( the highest) you can be. It has been in existance for 5 years now. The number of people on varies from day to day. There are between 5 - 7 level 85s who are on most evening. It has a permanent ventrilo. It is forming a raid group for level 85s and does have a PvP captain who most likely ask you if you would like to join in an arena match.

So for now, just take a look at the diffrences. We'll talk about groupings, team work and guilds on Wednesday and Thursday.

P.S. You don't have to choose. Some of us find we like the option of being associated with both. And there are many other guilds out there - keep your eye on the trade chat to see how some guilds recruit, their requirements and also their marketing strategies.