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What's Next..... [April 18, 2012, 7:13 p.m.]

We started after a large conference and that seems to be a great trigger event to continue the discussion, get additional speakers and just learn more.

We also found we call ourselves MOOCers.

So where do we go from here?

Machinima Course/Challenge

But with a bit of a twist.

What we need are the recording of your avatars in any world speaking.

DId you ever see the video "Tech Star"

We'd like to do a parody and make it "Machinima Star " may even do a second version called "Ed Tech"

Alternate Reality Games (ARG)
Tenatively May 

Machinima Course
Tenatively June 4- 18

Some additionals...

The guild Cognitive Dissonance on the Ally side would be more than happy for us to organize discussions through vent one night a week on broad tech or education topics. Or it cold be bi-monthly. Or monthly. This cool be a cool collaboration whether you are playing WoW or in for the conversation. 

Do we consider a warm-up and a wrap-up to the 5th annual Federal Consortium for Virutal Worlds Conference  Perhaps inviting Bev and Lyr back for their take on the conference?

The ISTE happens Jun 23 - 27

There are a few of MOOCers who will be going. And there are a few of the Cog Dis guild who are going to include our "Guild Elder" Peggy Sheehy who opening the conference with Mario Armstrong. 

To Be continued....


EVE Online Tour II- TBD but obviously within the next 10 days

Wrap-Up, Dance, Music, etc - TBD

Rally Point in Second Life - Front Range