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Syllabus [Aug. 29, 2011, 12:34 p.m.]



Course developer and facilitator:
Bud Hunt

Preferred contact methods:
email: bud at budtheteacher dot com
twitter: @budtheteacher

Google+: We'll create a group there.  Mostly to see if it's useful.  It might not be.

Skype and IM by request.

We will also be having several synchronous web sessions, schedule to be announced.

Course Resources

Common Core Writing Standards - Annotatable

NWP's Digital Is

Bud's Blog Posts About the Course

More to Come.

For each week's goals and tasks, see individual week's content for more detail.

Week 1 (Oct. 10 - 16) - Introductions to Common Core & Each Other


  • Get to know each other
  • Read the Common Core
  • Write Together



  • Introductions and expectations. - All students should be writing.  Online.  In spaces we can access.  We'll use our course space for much of this, but I'd encourage you to have a space online that's yours where you can publish writing that you do.  I use a blog.  Tag anything you write about the class with #p2puedwriting
  • Spend some time reading, annotating, and responding to the annotations of others on the Common Core Standards related to writing.  I've put together a text here for us to use as both reference and conversation space.

Week 2 & 3 (Oct. 17 - 30) - Writing to Learn


  • Explore ways of writing to learn
  • Practice them
  • Develop/explore some writing habits together



  • In your writing spaces, be writing intentionally in ways you'd ask students to.  Reflection.  Summary.  Response.  We'll talk about additional modes during this week's live session.
  • More to come.


Week 4 & 5 (Oct. 31 - Nov. 13) - Writing in the Disciplines


  • Dig into genres common to particular disciplines
  • Think about habits that are necessary for the production of those genres
  • Begin to develop a plan for your extended writing assignment



  • Our course project will be a simple one - using the National Writing Project's Writing Assignment Framework & Overview (description here, PDF here), create a writing assignment that you'd be willing to share and engage your students in.  We will share drafts and feedback with each other during our live sessions and in the conversation areas during the 5th week of the course.

Week 6 (Nov. 14 - 18) - Wrapping Up.  What's Next?


  • Share final writing assignments
  • Share discoveries, concerns, next steps



  • To come.